From This Moment

by H.C. Bentley
Independent and outspoken, Grace Burgess is everything her conservative parents think she shouldn’t be. To their way of thinking, she should be settling down, not dreaming of adventure. But Grace wants to visit new places and see new things, without having to worry about her parents or being tied down to a man. Then she meets Ray.​Ray Bedford isn’t looking to meet 'the one'. He’s perfectly content to continue his bachelor ways and to work his job as a firefighter with the Gatlinburg Fire Department. But when he meets Grace, he's more than willing to reconsider his single guy status.There's no doubt that there's a spark between Grace and Ray. And though Grace feels it, she's determined to live her life on her terms, even if means pushing the charming firefighter away. Her resolve i
Deal Available through June 06, 2022
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