Forge Blood (Steam Dragon Shifters Book 2)

by Lisa Daniels
She wants to create, using skills learned from an old friend. But not everyone's willing to let her be free to do so...For years, Helga's been working with forge and anvil, doing everything in her power to create, invent and repair items as they come into her shop.People don't appreciate a female blacksmith, so she keeps her gender under wraps for her work.What she doesn't know is that there are people who want her talents. And they'd do anything to wrestle them out of her.Quentin Proudmoor, exile of a clan responsible for many atrocities – has a debt to pay. Honor to gain. He's been sent to find Helga.They have one of Helga's inventions, and it's what they're looking for.And once Quentin encounters the strange human, he's compelled to do everything he can to help her to excel...
Deal Available through February 20, 2024
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