Forbidden Obsession

by Molly Eden
fter a horrible divorce, I rebuilt my life and became wildly successful in my career. The scars from my past are healing, and I'm relishing in the joy of my newfound independence.The tides of fate shift dramatically when the marketing firm I work for assigns me to a new project—a project that thrusts me back into the lives of my ex-husband's three best friends.This trio has always treated me with disdain and cruelty in the past, but I am determined to remain professional.But professional boundaries blur, and an undeniable attraction develops, unraveling a web of complex emotions.With his rebellious nature, Trevor acts recklessly to drown out his inner demons. But behind his rough exterior, I discover a vulnerable soul yearning for solace. Caleb is funny and loyal, but you never want to get on his dark side. Dylan is a charismatic bad boy. He’s charming on the outside, but he conceals a hidden danger that only surfaces when no one is watching.I never expected that I would have to confront my past head-on. To complicate matters further, my ex-husband stumbles upon our secret, igniting a storm that threatens to unravel everything.
Deal Available through June 16, 2023
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