Romantic Erotica

Forbidden at the Fazenda

by M. J. Marleigh
Lady Evangeline "Ivy" Chandonette carries a secret fear of being close to any man. She's remained unmarried until her family estate begins to dwindle. Now, it's up to Ivy to save her father's legacy by accepting the hand of a long-time obsessive admirer, Allyn Marsden. Entering into a loveless marriage, Ivy will follow her husband to the Marsden coffee plantation in Brazil. After arriving in Rio de Janeiro she encounters the handsome dark-haired manservant, Tristão Fontes, whose bold temperament immediately clashes with her guarded exterior. But, Tristão Fontes is not an ordinary servant. The more time they spend alone, a yearning develops between them that cannot be suppressed. Theirs is a forbidden love, that if discovered, will shatter her family's legacy and disgrace her forever.
Deal Available through April 30, 2021
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