Feline Frenzy: A Big Cat Shifter Romance Collection

by Lisa Daniels, Scarlett Stone
Love was for fools. Now he proved that I am one of the biggest fools in the world.After scoffing at the palace intrigue, I became an outcast. A serious mistake led me to the dungeon to learn a lesson. But it wasn’t the lesson the guard wanted to teach me.Down in the bowels of the dungeon, I met a prisoner. He looked dangerous and terrifying. His orange hair with a black streak is unreal. Those greenish-yellow eyes so intense.For the first time in my life, I wanted someone. But there is so much wrong with me. I am a bastard and I have premonitions.There is also so much to him. He is a dreaded shifter – a tiger shifter.And he wants me to run away with him.
Deal Available through May 07, 2023
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