Fated Mate for the Dragon Princes

by Eva Pierce
As an avid student of Renaissance era literature, Sarah dreams of dragons. But when these dreams become particularly vivid—showing her two mysterious dragon princes who also assume irresistibly gorgeous human forms—she knows somehow that her nocturnal imaginings are far more real than she imagined.Regal princes of the Planet Vertania, an emerald gem flying high in the universe, Lachan and Gabriel enjoy a carefree life in both their dragon and human forms. When their father commands them to find their fated princesses, however, they are dismayed to discover that they are both destined to wed the same woman: an enchanting Earthling named Sarah Coleman.Invading her dreams and reality with their romantic charms and seductive ways, the brothers are forced to compete for the affections of witty, spirited Sarah. Could it be, however, that both of the dragon princes are tied and bound to one particular princess?
Deal Available through August 27, 2020
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