Falling Princess

by Joline Pearce
The first in an epic enemies-to-lovers college romance trilogy about a rebellious princess, her possessive knight, and the fate of their country in the balance.Forced to carry the weight of the crown from childhood, all Princess Zosia wants is a chance to experience normal life and find love away from the pressure of court. Getting an education abroad is the perfect opportunity - unless death catches up with her first. As the last of the Auralian royal line, Zosia is assigned a watchful knight to accompany her everywhere she goes. While her best friend adores him, Zosia can't wait to escape his constant scrutiny...until an assassination attempt sparks their forbidden romance. A secret they can never tell, even when war tears them apart. Ends on a cliffhanger; HEA in Queen Rising.
Deal Available through September 23, 2022
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