Romantic Comedy

Falling for Your Best Friend's Twin

by Emma St. Clair
There are a million and one reasons why I shouldn’t fall for my BFF’s twin...Too bad love isn’t reasonable.Zane is my total opposite. He dates a steady string of women who are nothing like me.And there’s no way I would risk Zoey’s friendship over my teensy, tiny crush on her brother.But when Zane hires me to help fix a glitch with his startup’s software, I run into two problems:1. Someone on the inside seems to be sabotaging it.2. Working with Zane every day sends my feelings into overdrive.My master plan is to sniff out the rat, help Zane save the company, and get out while my heart is still intact. No biggie.But somehow, I get roped into an investors’ spa trip. Which means spending a whole weekend with Zane and sharing a room with his date.Kill. Me. Now.
Deal Available through November 03, 2020
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