Fake Summer Boyfriend

by Haley Travis
I’m terrified of giant men. But when Leif volunteered to scare off my stalker by pretending to be my boyfriend, I knew the gorgeous hulking security tech was the perfect man for the job.Unable to handle confrontation, I often hid at Ray’s Diner. My distress must have been evident if a sexy stranger came over to help me.It was sweet that Leif was upset I’d missed half of the summer while hiding from Craig. But when our fake relationship started turning real, it made me nervous in a new way.I’d never had a boyfriend before, fake or real. The heat between us was startling, and it was incredible to feel my lust wake up from its long slumber. Leif said everything I’d ever wanted to hear. But secrets and omissions were also things I was just not ready to deal with.
Deal Available through September 12, 2021
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