Fake It Till You Rake It

by Jennifer Seasons
His last mission for the British Home Office finally complete, Lord Luke Wright returns home to pick up where he left off with Hetty, determined to seal their marriage with a night of sizzling, scorching passion. Only it’s not so easy, Luke discovers, when his bride—his sweet Hetty—is a frigid block of ice and less than welcoming. But Luke isn’t deterred. He knows the soft, warm woman hiding behind the icy glances and cold shoulder, understands her tender heart. He’s determined to thaw her with charm and romance, degree by degree. It will take all his skill, everything he’s got to make his bride swoon for him once again—and Luke is up to the task. To reclaim Hetty’s heart, he must take it from her like a rake.
Deal Available through April 04, 2023
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