Fake Fiance Arrangement: A Fake Fiance Office Romance (A Billion Scandals Book 5)

by L.A. Pepper
The last thing I need is a big fancy wedding, a wife, and a baby. I’m not one to get tied down to a ball and chain. That’s like bringing a sandwich to the buffet...hard pass... The press calls me a walking, talking temptation and NYC’s most eligible bachelor. I know I’m a player and there are lots of sweet delicious games to be played! If the shoe fits..big grin! My twin brother is the goodie-two-shoes of the family. He makes mom proud, while I live in the fast lane flying around the world partying my face off, living and loving my lifestyle of the rich and famous! Until a mysterious package arrives with some epic and compromising photos. Crap... it’s clearly ME. Note to self, no more tattoos. The only thing that can save my political career, from this scandal, is the only thing I don’t want. Surprisingly, I don’t have to manipulate her to say yes. Frig, I love it when everything goes my way. She needed a marriage out of convenience too! Until she’s taken and gone... Now, I will do anything to get her back, feel her soft creamy skin on mine, protect her and make her mine for keeps. If you love fake relationships, and an opposites-attract romance, then grab this kindle page-turning standalone today! When a spoiled billionaire bad boy falls in love, he falls hard. Watch the player get played! No cliff hangers, no cheating, and of course a HEA!
Deal Available through September 09, 2020
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