Fake Boyfriend to My Bully: Protective/Possessive Alpha Male: Enemies to Lovers Romance, Virgin & College Brothers Story (Women’s Steamy Forbidden Novels Book 2)

by Kathilee Riley
The reason I hate Grayson Scott is three simple words: HE'S A BULLY. So what if he's furnace-level hot? Who cares about his panty-dropping smile that makes women lose themselves? It doesn't hide how cold-hearted he is, how he gets off on making my life hell. I've been waiting for karma to teach him a lesson, and she has finally delivered. If Grayson fails another exam, he'll get expelled from school. They say karma is cruel, but no one mentioned her cruel sense of humor. When I discover a dangerous target on my back, it forces me to seek Grayson’s help. To keep me safe, Grayson has only one solution: he'll pretend to be my boyfriend, and in exchange, I'll tutor him for his next exam. It's a simple win-win. Right? Wrong. My mind still sees Grayson as my enemy, but my body has a mind of its own. I can't ignore the flutters in my stomach when he’s around, or the constant craving for his touch. The more I realize he’s not the cold-hearted bullyI thought he was, the more I’m tempted to make him my first. But do I want to be another notch on Grayson’s belt? Can I handle being his ‘girl of the week’? At this point, what I want doesn’t matter. Not when he’s determined to have me. When he saves my life, the deal is sealed. Not everything is what I think. I don't want Grayson to be my first. But how can I not fall for him when he saves my life?
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