Faerie’s Magic

by Jessica Feyden
Fae princess, Mira, has known for years she'd find her mate and take the throne. Yet at nearly a hundred years old, she suspects someone has tampered with her magic. When the Norns arrive at the Summer Court, her suspicions are confirmed. Mira knows if she's ever to regain control of her magic, she needs her mate to break the curse. Yet the two rival ruling queens have different plans.Captured and tortured for his people's crimes against the fae royals, Cadoc wants nothing to do with the faerie who shot him. Mira might be beautiful with magic in spades, but the price of having her is too high. War and death. Yet his wolf is determined to claim her his mate. When he learns she's as much a victim as he is and his people’s betrayal, Cadoc is determined to help her take back the throne.
Deal Available through October 10, 2020
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