Everything Tarnished (Everything Series Book 2)

by LaShelle L. Turner
Two women deal with the aftermath of lust and unfaithfulness when they learned all gilded things eventually will reveal their true colors.Always the social climber, Queensley married what she believed to be her golden ticket to the upper-class life she always desired. Now stuck in a loveless marriage, she begins to question her prosperous union when she falls for the prodigal billionaire bad boy who happens to be the identical twin brother of her sister-in-law’s deceased husband. Beautiful and sophisticated Therese once again finds love with a man who adores her and her son, only to have her dead husband’s twin come back into her life. Not only do the feelings she held for her dead husband re-emerge when she sees him, but so do the passion she felt for him years ago. Once again, she finds herself in a torrid love triangle with her sister-in-law, Queensley. The Dumas family saga continues as Therese and Queensley find themselves confronting their pasts and their future.As with gold, when love is not pure and merely wears a gold layer, it starts to tarnish. What happens when that layer peels off and what underneath begins to fade?
Deal Available through November 12, 2022
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