African American

Everything Gilded

by LaShelle L. Turner
Glitter and gold line the streets of the hottest and most exclusive address in Atlanta, 3300 Buckhead Plaza. Three social climbers try to stay on their golden path to riches, fame, and high fashion.After her rich married lover dies, Queensley’s life as the kept woman comes to an end. Her lover’s spurned estranged wife tries to kick her out the love nest he made from them and the millions he promised her. Mourning the tragic death of her handsome, wealthy, young husband, Therese must fight not only to keep the love nest they built as newlyweds but his family fortune. Pregnant and alone, she fights her late husband’s family for his share of their billion-dollar estate. Queensley and Therese bond over the loss of their great loves. But after they hire the same sexy lawyer for their high-profile cases, their newfound friendship is threatened. Who will walk away with their fortune and the man?New to the gilded streets of Atlanta, Farrah follows her charming and slick boyfriend to Buckhead. They make their home among the rich and elite while he promises to make her a star. She underestimates the true costs of making one’s dream come true in the city of her dreams.Queensley, Therese, and Farrah follow the men they love into the world of glamour and glitz. But before they can kick off the heels of their designer shoes and rest their heads on their expensive sheets, fate storms into their perfect high-end worlds. Their beautiful lives are at risk of being taken away from them, but these three women won’t let the gilded life they worked to obtain slip from their manicured hands. Not even death, lies, or estranged wives can stop them from living the life of luxury they fought so hard to reach and get they love they deserve.
Deal Available through July 23, 2021
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