Eternity Shifters: Paranormal Romance Collection

by Lola Gabriel
Wolf’s Reign: A friends-to-lovers wolf shifter romance. I’m thrown into the world of the magical elite, and the only person that feels safe is Aron. He’s powerful, hot as hell, and he awakens parts of my soul that I didn’t know existed.Dragon’s Human: A single mom dragon shifter romance. Fate brought us together, but the dangers surrounding Pax are tearing us apart.Wolf’s Enemy: An enemies-to-lovers wolf shifter romance. Simeon has never liked our pack, so he sees me as the enemy. The tension between us sizzles, and I can no longer deny my primal need for him. We come from two different worlds. But if I want something, I will get it, no matter what it takes.Wolf’s Baby: A secret baby, wolf shifter romance. Filip is drop-dead gorgeous, and he knows it. His mesmerizing eyes, strong jawline, and perfectly sculpted muscles were made to be touched, licked, and everything in between. Neither of us could resist the primal desire that brought us together for one perfect night of bliss. But one night of magic turned into an unfathomable nightmare.Rejected Dragon: A fated mate, love triangle romance. My pack deems me tainted, and now they’re after me. As powerful as Dex is, I don’t know if he can survive the wrath of my pack. And now that I learned what he’s hiding, I can’t count on him.Abandoned Dragon: An enemies-to-lovers dragon shifter romance. Savior or tormentor? The jury is out about the dragon shifter holding me prisoner.Ruling Wolf: An opposites attract, enemies-to-lovers wolf shifter romance. Oscar has money, power, and good looks, which all the dangerous types have. I plan on making Oskar’s life very difficult. I’m not like other shifters. Oskar can’t win me over with his unrelenting charm…or his hot-as-sin body.
Deal Available through September 15, 2022
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