Entwined Fates: An Enemies-to-Lovers Fae Romance

by Lola Gabriel, Juniper Hart
The Fae Prince cannot have me. I am not his to do with as he pleases.I enroll at Braiton Academy under a false name with one goal: to study law and free my innocent father from the clutches of the Fae King.I’ll keep my head down and remain inconspicuous so my deception is not discovered. That plan is ruined the first week, and I’m forced to live in the same house as the Fae Prince.The Fae Prince is arrogant, demanding, rude…and drop-dead gorgeous. He thinks he can have me because he’s used to females falling at his feet.I might not like him, but I definitely want him. However, my body’s response to him doesn’t matter. He’s the son of my enemy. I need to stay focused on my goal, which means staying as far away from him as possible.Besides, powerful, ruthless princes don’t fall for fae like me, do they?
Deal Available through October 22, 2022
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