Draft Day: A Sports Romance (BALLERS & CURVES Book 1)

by Summer Rose
A Dream So Close. Love Lost. Redemption. As the story progresses, a prospective draft-pick pitcher on the verge of living his dreams, is faced with the ultimate test. Joshua finds himself in a turmoil, just whiskers away from achieving his life-long dream of playing for Louisville Mammoths, his home-town, Kentucky’s own Major League Baseball team. He is caught between life-changing situations, maintaining professionalism & discipline ahead of the team’s draft selection while distraught, in light of his girlfriend’s affair with his best friend & colleague, and the temptatious hanker from two astonishing women - one of them, his coach’s engaged daughter - Gabriella. Such a slippery slope… How does he maintain balance till the draft is released? What would be his reaction to Gabriella’s amorous advances? On the other hand, Aaron is already facing his karma, as things begin to go awry for him. Nonetheless, the Grapefruit League is still on-going and Joshua continues to put on a stellar performance on the pitch.
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