by Ava Fox
All the power in the world couldn’t give me what I wanted…until I met her.Money. Cars. A New York Times Bestselling novel. I had them all.Still it wasn’t enough.I was tired of standing in my father’s shadow. Tired being known as a class-A man whore.Until my world collided with hers...She’s like no one I’ve ever met.Her world is dusty bookshelves in a quiet country town.And amongst the books I whispered of a future…with her.A future of hopes and dreams.I should have known something too good to be true would be too good to last...My family is like no other. They’re ruthless. Dangerous.They don’t just possess…they control, and as I’m pulled back into the darkness I feel the leash tighten around my throat.They say rebellions are built on hope.And Audrey Harlow is more than that.She is my shining star…leading me into the light.I light I will hold onto. I light I will fight for…and pray we survive.
Deal Available through January 29, 2021
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