Donna & Jamie: Angel on a Mission Series, Short Story 1

by Nina Klan
Annie with the angelic name Aneonaeonel belongs to the hierarchy of Angels of Love. Having made a mistake in heaven, she was given the opportunity to correct it and was sent to this planet to help thousands of couples who made their vows before birth find each other and fulfill their pre-birth plan.The first story in the series is about Donna and Jamie. Their paths intertwine, just as they are meant to, but obstacles are put in their way that must be overcome. Donna is a young single mother, and Jamie is a young, hard-working man, but inept at love, both with troubled youths and pasts. It's time for their happy ending.And Annie comes to the rescue by adapting to circumstances and changing roles - this time in the role of a random lady and real estate agent.
Deal Available through March 05, 2023
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