Distanced Love

by Marie Jolie
An average Joe at work and an exemplary wife at home. I'm so tired of it! The husband cheats on me and thinks that I do not know about it ... what a fool!No, it cannot continue this way.Tired of feeling sorry for myself, one day, I just packed my things and rented the apartment on my own. On the way, I stopped at the City Hall and filed for divorce. If you think that from now on, my life has gone downhill, you are greatly mistaken.I started to change my life. After changing my style, I quit my job and found a new one almost immediately. And the first thing I saw on my first (pardon the pun) working day in a new place was BOSS. THE COMPLETELY NAKED boss leaves the office!And I already like my new life!
Deal Available through April 09, 2021
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