Distanced Love

by Marie Jolie
An average Joe at work and an exemplary wife at home. I'm so tired of it! The husband cheats on me and thinks that I do not know about it ... what a fool! No, it cannot continue this way. Tired of feeling sorry for myself, one day, I just packed my things and rented the apartment on my own. On the way, I stopped at the City Hall and filed for divorce. If you think that from now on, my life has gone downhill, you are greatly mistaken. I started to change my life. After changing my style, I quit my job and found a new one almost immediately. And the first thing I saw on my first (pardon the pun) working day in a new place was BOSS. THE COMPLETELY NAKED boss leaves the office! And I already like my new life!
Deal Available through April 09, 2021
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