Romantic Erotica

Dirty Wild Sultan: A Steamy Marriage of Convenience Royal Romance (Alluring Rulers of Azmia Book 1)

by Mahi Mistry
Zain chuckled, his laugh devoid of any humor making me shudder. He leaned closer and my eyes widened when his lips went past mine to press against my ear as he whispered, “I don’t want to know why you think so lowly of me but I assure you, future wife…” A slither of pleasure rolled over my spine hearing his rumbling velvety voice, his lips brushing over the shell of my ear, “That you would be the one begging me to touch you.”My eyes were glazed when they roved over his powerful, lean body, the muscles on his biceps moving when he leaned back on the stool. I pressed my teeth on my bottom lip, the air around us thickening with the steam, exotic oil, his musky cologne.I met his eyes. “Then I beg you to touch me, Zain. Please."A sweet, sexy novel without any cliffhangers!
Deal Available through August 10, 2021
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