Desire After Hours I: Adult Poetry & Spicy Quick Reads Anthology Collection Novella

by S. L. Darian
Trust me when I say it…Crafted in S. L. Darian’s spunky, unique, and earthy writing style this poetry and quick reads collection ain’t your grandma’s reading material. This book is in parts: Intense Whimsical Mentally Scintillating Emotional Steamy.Come with me on a faraway journey of the senses. It’s after hours, after all. Let the magic of seductive poetry and fast reads captivate you. So lay back, relax, and unwind with an enticing bit of Desire After Hours.Dear lovely reader, I look forward to your partnership on this journey…In addition to the sensual poetry, the quick reads include:Cost of Hot Carnal Obsession Stowaway Recipe for a Sunrise Free Fall The Silverback – Love at First Scent Tuesday Rendezvous Asking For It Increases The Odds Of Getting It The Pleasure Droid
Deal Available through March 23, 2023
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