Demon Warden: A Paranormal Urban Fantasy (The Cursed and the Fallen 1)

by Selene Kallan
DEMONS ARE A GIRL'S WORST NIGHTMARE. I thought things couldn't get worse after my grandma's sudden death, I should have known better. Turns out I’m not a lousy witch as I believed. Nope, I am more than human. Volatile power courses through my veins, making me the target of a psychotic devil determined to consume my soul. Fortunately, I am not alone. Nox—a demon Prince—comes to my rescue in a flash of purple light and surliness. Bound to protect me, Nox is determined to teach me how to wield my powers. And I am determined not to fawn for his tall, dark, and grumpy Highness. Thrust into a world full of supernatural creatures, I must uncover the truth about my lineage. I can tell the Prince is hiding something from me, he doesn't trust me, and why would he? I belong to a race of half-immortals hellbent on destroying his kind. But what if is he the enemy? Can I trust him with my apparently delicious soul? Or should I join the ranks of my kind? Decisions, decisions.★★★★★Holy angelic WOW - this is the pandemic escape I didn't know I needed. Fantasy author Kallan has reached new heights with this sexy romance-action-adventure.
Deal Available through November 12, 2020
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