Dekko (The Legends of Porin #1)

by Vidhipssa Mohan
March 2020.The entire world is shutting down.Six months ago Sara moved to Scotland from India for a new chance at life but nothing has gone right since then. She is stuck in a new country in the middle of a global pandemic. She is lonely, she is homesick, her money is dwindling fast and the worst of all, she can't fall asleep at night. In an attempt to make her life better, she drinks a special kind of tea made of a rare Scottish flower only to realise that the flower is toxic and may kill her any moment.Except she doesn't die. She breaks the boundary of time and in the middle of a global pandemic, she finds a new life in the distant past...In the vein of Outlander and, Dekko is a page-turner entrenched in history set against the backdrop of Scottish landscape.
Deal Available through October 15, 2020
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