Dead Man's Detective

by Rachel Graves
All ex-army witch Elisabeth Hicks wants for her twenty-fourth birthday is to keep the small-town gossips from staring at her artificial limbs. Instead, she's pushed into helping an army buddy on an illegal job for the scariest vampire in town. Her magic tells her the vampire is lying but it's too late to walk away. Things go sideways, and her first date in years ends when she finds her friend's dead body. The body disappears from the morgue, and a deadly, magical, necklace winds up in her lap all before she gets to her birthday cake. Now a sexy master vampire will kill her if she doesn't use magic to find the woman he loves, and the police refuse to investigate the murder. It's up to Elisabeth to protect her family, solve the mystery, and survive long enough to go on a second date.
Deal Available through September 07, 2020
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