Dating Her Crush (Billionaire Ranchers Second Generation Book 4)

by April Murdock
Catherine Langston is a cowgirl through and through. She loves ranch life and she loves working there. But after some time in the city, she’s seeing there’s value to a wider wardrobe, a stylish hairdo, and expertly applied make up. Now if Shane, the guy she’d been crushing on since she was a teenager, would notice it might be worth the effort.Shane Bolton is the last of his siblings to be unattached. Everyone knows it’s his turn and he’s kind of on the hot seat. But he’s not interested in marrying any girl who doesn’t meet his very high standards.When Cat’s parents sign over majority ownership of their ranch to Bolton Farms, Shane is chosen to run it. Cat wants to prove that they made the wrong decision. They should have turned it over to her.She’ll choose to work with Shane, but working so closely with him could bring out a rivalry that will ruin their relationship. But will he see the value in Cat that he’s managed to overlook until now?
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