Daddy's Warm Bed

by Sarah J. McLaren
Janie is having a hard time with her best friend Cora moving away and her mother always wanting to fight with her. When her mother tells her that she needs to get out, Janie can’t help but wonder if she’s being serious this time or if it’s like all the other times before where her mother would calm down and things would go back to normal for a week or so. When Janie calls Cora, she is willing to send her daddy Ted to go get her. Janie can’t wait to see her best friend. She misses Cora, but little does she know that things are going to get heated with her best friend's dad, a different kind of heated that makes Janie feel good about herself and that makes her want to stay more than just for the weekend visit that’s been planned.
Deal Available through October 16, 2020
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