Curvy Valentine Match: A High School Sweetheart Second Chance Romance (Curvy Girl Dating Agency Book 6)

by Piper Sullivan
What do you do when the love of your life strolls into your bakery like you hadn’t sacrificed your future for his?
You pretend as if you hate his guts, that’s what.
 Then you stop pretending, because you do hate his guts.
 Even though he’s bigger and stronger and more handsome than when you were high school sweethearts.
 But history can’t repeat itself where Sheriff Xander is concerned
. I won’t let it
. So I’ll just scowl and growl at him, while he smiles
. I’ll just use my sharp tongue to keep him at a distance. 
Until he makes it impossible to ignore him and impossible to forget our past.
Deal Available through February 13, 2023
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