Conning the Mistletoe: A Rich Age Gap Steamy Christmas Romance

by Kessa Knight
He's a seasoned con artist out for revenge. She's his young and naive target. 'Tis the season for romance, and these two are about to ignite!**Includes link to FREE Daily Planner**In search of a connection, ambitious young accountant Harlow trades her holiday vacation for an unforgettable night with a mysterious billionaire. Elliot Buckhire is handsome, charming, confident, and seasoned - everything that Harlow's ex wasn't.Drawn in by Elliot's undeniable charm and wealth, Harlow agrees to fake an engagement with the older handsome hotelier at a holiday gala. Elliot promises her riches in exchange for her support. The scheme he devises is venomous--an act of revenge--to gain the inside scoop on juicy corporate scandals. Over the course of their steamy Christmas fling, they recognize their impassioned chemistry.Elliot Buckhire lives in a world ruled by money, power, and manipulation. Sheltered and lonely, Harlow craves a connection and is desperate for it. Harlow must decide whether she's willing to risk everything on this unlikely holiday tryst when old secrets from Elliot's past threaten their budding romance. A complicated history, meddling exes, and career obstacles threaten to tear them apart.Will the magic of Christmas be enough to keep them together through all the ups and downs? Or will their fake engagement be anything but a fairy tale come true?Unwrap a passionate gift this holiday season and join Harlow and Elliot on their journey of seduction and love. This ultra-sexy age-gap romance will leave you breathless and fulfilled with a heartwarming happily ever after.
Deal Available through December 20, 2022
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