Coming Home

by Samantha Skye
Fate spared me once, but some encounters are impossible to escape... Life has a funny way of being meaningless when you’ve lost everything you’ve known and loved. But even I can admit I’ve been underground for far too long.It’s time to start again — in Boston. New city, new name, new...tall, dark, and handsome stranger? I may have fallen—literally—into Shaun Marshall’s arms when the plane lurched, but it’s not like Boston’s most eligible bachelor would have noticed me otherwise. Besides, I have a new career to build, family to hold close, a city to explore. Except Shaun keeps turning up, everywhere I go. Is there any harm in flirting? Surely not. Anyway, once he discovers my secret he’ll vanish, just like the last man to smash my heart to bits. But Shaun doesn’t seem perturbed by danger...
Deal Available through October 11, 2022
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