Mystery & Suspense

Come For Me

by Ella Sheridan
Olivia Brannan never expected an ordinary workday to turn into a nightmare. She thought nothing could make her happier than having Dain as her husband. Her hard-core, intense alpha male. Protective to the extreme. Commanding—in and out of the bedroom. Her soul mate. They have everything they ever wanted. Or, almost everything. Until today.Today, she found out she’s pregnant. And unknowingly walked into a roomful of killers.Ten years. That’s how long Dain has lived his dream life. His wife is the partner he always wanted, in every way. And if they can’t have children of their own, well, the elite team he runs at Atlanta’s top security firm is often handful enough. They’ve created a “family” that fits them and fills their lives.One phone call changes all that.
Deal Available through May 12, 2023
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