Cold-Hearted Duke

by Jennifer Seasons
In a world of icy dukes and cold hearts, Annette is determined to break free. Tired of her frigid matrimony, she craves the warmth and affection she's been denied for too long. Summoning the courage to seek a divorce, Annette vows to liberate herself from the chains of lovelessness.Gabriel, the Duke of Haversham, presides over Knightsbridge House with an enigmatic demeanor. His heart lies hidden beneath layers of indifference, but an unspoken ache lingers—an ache to reclaim the woman who once held his soul. As battle lines are drawn, Gabriel faces the prospect of losing the one person capable of melting his icy heart.Can Annette's love shatter Gabriel's frosty exterior? Will they mend their fractured bond, or will their doubts and fears prove insurmountable?
Deal Available through September 20, 2023
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