Clock Work

by Cassie Mint
I’m a world famous clockmaker. An artisan and a grown man.I should be able to resist my sweet young apprentice, damn it.I took her on as a favor. I don’t normally take students at all, but I know her brother and I figured--what’s the harm?Turns out, there’s plenty of harm. Turns out, I can barely keep my greedy hands off her. Turns out, I should never have let her through the door.Because we’re alone here in my workshop. It’s just the two of us, tucked away in the snowy mountains, with only each other for company. And every night when she walks home through the town, she takes my sanity with her.She’s half my age, and my apprentice. She’s so off limits, it’s not funny.But sure enough, my control’s fading away, slow and steady…Like clockwork.
Deal Available through December 19, 2021
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