Christmas with You

by Amy Stephens
Alone this Christmas…Still dealing with the pain and sorrow from losing his brother several years ago, Caleb Archer wants nothing more than to spend this holiday season alone. And spending time at his family’s cabin in the Tennessee mountains seems like the perfect place to do so. But when he discovers he has no water his second day there, he’s left no choice but to seek help from the neighbor across the field.Except Harry Gardner isn’t the one who shows up to help.Naomi Gardner has always lived a quiet life with her family in their mountain home. Dealing with her own personal insecurities, she’s never shown much interest in a man…until she’s reunited with Caleb Archer. Though they’d never been more than acquaintances growing up when his family had come to stay at their cabin, Naomi
Deal Available through October 19, 2022
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