Child of Water: The Prequel (Female Protagonists Anime Stories Book 2)

by Olivia Thompson
Yoshi Province was plagued with water scarcity. There, samurai were regional lords in name only; if their hans were in Yoshi, they lived as poorly as many peasants – all except for Daimyo Sokan Hiroyuki that is. Somehow, his land flourishes with wealth and prosperity. Has he been blessed by the kami or something else? The answer is Hiroyuki’s best-kept secret: he’s holding captive a woman who can manipulate water.In this slow-burn romance, Aoi finds herself finally free to do whatever she wants, so long as she never leaves the land of Sokan. Yet, she’s haunted with flashbacks of her past. She’s tirelessly pursued by Hiroyuki’s immature heir, Kishomaru. And now, rumors of her powers are spreading to other clans so that her very life may soon be at stake. Through it all, Aoi is determined to remain true to herself – if she can ever come to terms with whom or what she truly is.
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