Chef Next Door: A Small Town Romance

by Chelsea Harmon
Sexy Chef.That’s what the press calls Luke Granger, the award-winning chef with deep blue eyes and luscious lips, who’s opening his new restaurant in my small town.As the town’s only food writer, it’s my job to interview him. The catch? Luke hasn’t spoken to the press in two years and nobody knows why.But one night, secrets are revealed and sparks fly. We strike a deal. I’ll help him create his new signature dessert. Once we’re done, he’ll give me the interview.Sounds easy enough, right? It would be, if I wasn’t constantly distracted by the unexpected sweetness that’s starting to break through that stony facade of his.Long story short: The kitchen is hot and it’s about to get steamy in here.If we’re not careful, the Sexy Chef and I may just have the perfect recipe for falling in love.This is a short, sweet, and sexy romantic comedy with a swoony happily ever after. It’s filled with candlelit dinners, laugh-out-loud humor, sexy kitchen scenes, and the BEST chocolate souffle.
Deal Available through May 04, 2021
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