CarpeDiem: Prelude to a Love Story

by Corinne Julienne
Sometimes unimaginable endings are the Prelude to a Love Story!Elizabeth Wakefield is a closeted Romantic because she’s surrounded by men who are not. Discovering on Valentine’s Day the remnants of an intimate dinner, an empty engagement ring box, and her spouse having sex in her bed, drives Liz from her contaminated home to find other living arrangements. At the same time, she fights at work for equal treatment against a glass ceiling weaponized by a prejudiced, and misogynistic Branch Manager. Meanwhile, Prescott Hamilton, also a frustrated Romantic, has yielded to family pressures and proposed to their choice of a suitable wife, a mistake he regrets immediately. To survive his loveless entrapment, he becomes a workaholic, browbeating his employees with unreasonable demands, and earns a reputation of someone no one wants to deal with.Soon Liz is embroiled in an acrimonious divorce, which could financially cripple her, while her office struggle is just as perilous. If she doesn’t reach her production goals before the end of the month, a career milestone will be denied her. She needs to close a big account… immediately. Also that evening, Prescott’s hot-headed firing of his fiancée’s uncle, the broker for his company’s Pension Account, leaves him fiduciary exposed and in immediate need of a new broker. The sacking triggers the simmering wrath of his future wife and her family, due to his wedding date dodging, an obligation he avoids for three years but apparently can no longer, as the family intervention attempts to force his commitment.Despite his instruction to the contrary, the unsolicited mailings of Elizabeth Wakefield, reaches Prescott Hamilton’s desk. The broker and Chairman, President, and Corporate Executive Officer could be the solution to the other’s business problems. But the Global Pension account might be too big for her assignment and his intention is to make it a temporary assignment …that is until they meet…and their other problem becomes apparent.Corinne Julienne writes suspenseful romantic novels with passion. The eleven-book CarpeDiem series takes place in New York City and Florence, Italy, two of her favorite cities.Click the BUY NOW button at the top of the page and enter the world of CarpeDiem today.
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