by Abigail Grant
I’ve always been a little different than everyone else, but things have changed. The world isn’t at all what I thought it was.My best friend is being hunted by an actual demon, and if it weren’t for the mysterious masked guy pressing me against that wall and causing my heart to leap with only a golden-eyed glance, I might be on the demon’s list.My rescuer seems determined to save me and Kassy from the evil things that lurk in the night, but why? Who are we to him?Not to mention the gorgeous and messy-haired college boy, Gavin Cole. That dimpled smile kills me. I can usually see what the future holds before it comes to pass, but I didn’t see any of this coming.Can I handle this new life, and the changes to come? Oh man, I really hope so.
Deal Available through August 03, 2021
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