Romantic Comedy

Captain Dreamboat

by Tawna Fenske
The problem with being the family do-gooder? Sometimes you need to be bad. Or selfish, or whatever it’s called when I lock lips with Blanka Pavlo in a hospital hallway. I’m nuts about the sexy science goddess, but it’s a dick move to ditch a lifetime of rescue work staying here instead of heading back out on the seas. But it turns out donating an organ gets you grounded. A few months at my family’s resort means more time with Blanka, and more chances she’ll notice I suck at self-care. She has a point, and also a plan. That’s how I end up tied to my headboard with balloon animals, adopting a homely cat, and joining Blanka for a bubble bath that’s way steamier than ought to be. It’s almost enough to make a guy forget why he’s spent a lifetime struggling to cancel out the sins of dear ol' dad
Deal Available through June 24, 2021
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