Calling Moon: Mated Wolves One

by Clover Coy
I'm Jesenca. I refuse to be controlled. I grew up with my brother Johain, the Alpha of our pack. He thinks his word is the law. He arranged a mate for me and sent his enforcer Kalen to drag me back against my will from the life I built outside the pack. Kalen is a true wolf, fierce and honest. Kalen became enraptured by my will. I was drawn by his strength and pure heart. We mated. I am now Kalen's, and he is mine. We spend our nights exploring one another. We went to tell my brother, but Johain had no understanding in his heart. Johain's pack is beginning to see his blind arrogance. Some are leaving. They come and swear loyalty to me. Now, I have to learn how to be an Alpha.Calling Moon is the first book of the “Mated Wolves” Series. It is a 90 minute romance that contains language and situations intended for a mature audience.
Deal Available through December 20, 2021
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