By Vengeance Guided

by Amberlyn Holland
Once, the people of the goddess lived in quiet harmony with magic throughout the continent. Then invaders crossed the mountains and seas to lay claim to their lands. A few archaic ruins are all that remains of their once thriving culture. Except in Hara Dale...For millennia, Lia's family has guarded an ancient power forgotten by the rest of the world.Now, an unwanted betrothal agreement with a neighboring prince, a compelling stranger hiding vengeful secrets, and the specter of dark sorcery threaten to expose her valley's hidden mysteries. And destroy everything Lia is sworn to protect.Torn between love and duty, Lia is forced to confront the blood magic menacing her land. Desperate to save her people, she'll do whatever it takes to win.Even if it means sacrificing her heart's desire
Deal Available through December 07, 2020
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