Mystery & Suspense


by Mandy Harbin
Hot Mechanics, Mercenaries, and the Mafia...Oh my! Brody "Brutus" Jackson isn't your average small-town mechanic. The garage where he works doubles as the headquarters for a ruthless team of mercenaries. They're all bosses under the hood, lethal behind the gun, and just shady enough to handle any job that comes their way. There's a reason they call themselves the Bang Shift. For a man with no memory of his past and no care of the future, it's the perfect arrangement. When the feds hire the Bang Shift to protect a beautiful new lady in town, Brody is rocked to his core and not because of how much danger Alexandria Collins is in or how hot she is. After all these years, he finally remembers something from his past...her. When the past and present collide, no one escapes the wreckage.
Deal Available through March 18, 2021
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