Breaking Her Rules

by Lea Ellen
Meeting her idol takes her life in a direction she could have never expected.Today is the day I’ve been waiting for. The most important year of my life.I know I should be focusing on my last year of undergrad: practicing my essay skills, studying for exams, and planning which law schools I will be applying for.But that’s all become just white noise. Because today is the day I will meet my idol - The Fiona Scott.I have been dreaming of this day ever since I knew I wanted to become a lawyer. Watching her interviews, reading into her high profile cases and imitating her in my bathroom mirror.There’s only one problem. All I can think about is the way she ties her long blonde hair, her intoxicating scent and what it would feel like to touch her smooth skin, and kiss her beautiful lips
Deal Available through February 16, 2021
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