Bound by the Marriage Contract

by Dee James
Ashwin Kumar, the ever-so-serious, alpha-male, who thrived on order, didn't want or do relationships. With a penchant for control, he thrived for the next deal and the next million. After two years of working with his efficient EA, he was taken aback to find himself falling for her all of a sudden. Was he missing something vital?Dia Sharma was the quintessential romantic who read, wrote, and lived for HEAs. The fictional kind, that is! She'd lost all hope of finding her Prince Charming, until she met her twin's boss— Ashwin Kumar. Only, she couldn't afford to fall in love. Not when her twin was missing and she needed to find her.When Ashwin suggested a marriage of convenience to Dia, neither of them expected to fall in love. Will their love succeed despite the hurdles?
Deal Available through July 15, 2022
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