Bonded to Panther Coastguard (Panther Heroes of Miami)

by Lisa Daniels
My decade’s long engagement ends not with a wedding, but regret.I had to go to New York to end the one-sided relationship, And I was in no mood to enjoy the city, Until I met a mysterious guy in a bar.After a life of being careful, logical, and meticulous, Something about him speaks to the primal in me.Tall, dark, and handsome. And completely out of my league.When I finally take him up on his offer for an exclusive cruise, I find that he comes with an entirely different kind of baggage.Is this another doomed relationship? Or will the effort to protect this haunted shifter actually improve my life?Do I have the courage to let go of my own baggage, So that I can have the kind of family I’ve always wanted?
Deal Available through September 07, 2023
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