Bonded to Panther Animal Rescuer: A Hero Shifter Romance (Panther Heroes of Miami)

by Lisa Daniels
I’ve spent most of my life focusing on others, Sacrificing my own interests to help my family, then the world at large.When I tried to help a stray dog being cornered by someone from animal services, I quickly found out my own limits and overestimations. And just how wrong I had been about the man who cornered the dog.This stranger with hypnotic grey eyes seemed always present to save me from myself. First it was small, then he became my defender when I got in over my head trying to save others.He’s captured my attention, and it’s only when he asks me on a date that I feel entirely bonded to him.But he’s a stranger! A charming, sweet, socially awkward stranger who is a temptation I never expected. Am I just deluding myself? Or should I risk my heart for this Animal Rescuer?
Deal Available through September 22, 2023
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