by Amber Moore
I could feel all of her warmth, I was drugged by her scent and I thought I'd die if I didn't have Yvonne to myself.Possession. I wanted her to be mine.All his life, Teddy Roderick had never bothered to put in extra effort in things he considered trivial such as his love life. Being one of the filthy rich members of the Roderick household, his extremely mellow lifestyle has everyone bothered at some point. Teddy never expects fate to get him entangled with Yvonne who decides that she has had enough of failed romances. Yvonne is desperately in need of a new job as an interior decorator and a cure for her heartbreak. Teddy Roderick can't seem to stop thinking about her. Events string together, looping their lives and creating unforgettable memories for Teddy and Yvonne.
Deal Available through August 28, 2022
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