Best Friends Sister: A Brother's Best Friend Romance (A Billion Scandals Book 2)

by L.A. Pepper
“He’s a player. He has a different girl every weekend. He’s famous for it.” Those words from my brother about his best friend should have sent me running. Instead, I gave him my v-card.Duke Esposito is every definition of a bad idea. He was like none of the boys I’d ever met before—wild and free.I wanted him. I wanted him to be the one.But as expected, I ended up with a broken heart, And if that humiliation wasn’t enough, Cut to a few years later and the bastard didn’t even remember who I was.I should have learned...yet here I am with a giant FAKE engagement ring on my finger from HIM. One minute I’m standing my ground with the mafia, And the next, Duke-Freaking-Esposito is barging through my restaurant door, Pretending to be my fake fiancé and planting a kiss on my lips so spectacular I think I actually sighed out loud.I may have ended up in a mess way over my head, But this time—I’m keeping my emotions and hormones out of the equation. Only, he’s made it clear that this time—he’s playing for keeps.Should I give him another chance? Or will Duke break my heart again…
Deal Available through October 12, 2020
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