Bedside Manner: The Midas Touch Series Book One

by Rochelle Summers
With golden hair and stunning green eyes, Joanna’s beauty has meant that she’s always stood out. Up until now, the passing of her mother had been the most difficult thing that had ever happened to her, but when a terrifying trip to the hospital ends up in an emergency lung transplant and surprise diagnosis, Joanna’s life changes forever. Learning to live with Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome is a challenge in and of itself, but what Joanna is truly unprepared for, is love. When the handsome genius, Dr. Nathan Midas takes an interest in her, Joanna finds herself unable to think of anything or anyone else. With a long recovery time in the hospital, the two have weeks to get to know one another and find they have more in common than either thought possible.
Deal Available through November 14, 2020
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